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Stylish knives


For many years, we have wanted a small knife, practical in size, at a mini price, with the same patina and finish as our most expensive pieces. Everything that characterizes the Atelier Paleo. We took inspiration from archaeological pieces such as the Otzi knife to create a series of small knives with Anita and a soft deerskin case. A bet taken!

We are pleased to offer this new collection in several series with which you can eat, skin an animal and live prehistory.

Our Ötzi style knives
Our Ötzi style knives

Ötzi style knives

I have reproduced several times the Ötzi knife (the ice man -5000 years old found in the Alps). It takes a long time to reproduce it, to respect the same details, the exact dimensions and to make its case out of braided vegetable fibres. As a result, the price for this small piece was affected.

The Ötzi style knife will be a little larger than the original, without any particular dimensions and without its fibre case.
As on the original, the blade will be made of flint. I chose to make the handle in Yew, a essence used with some parts of Ötzi's equipment, such as his bow or the handle of his axe. Or Ash as the handle of his knife. Yew is a magnificent wood with a superb natural patina, it takes two different colours depending on where you are: in heartwood or in sapwood.

Still as on the original, a lime tree cord and a deer tendon ligature will be added to the handle, no prehistoric glue.

Our Ötzi style knives "Our Our Ötzi style knives
Ötzi style knives

Basketmaker style knives

The Basketmaker style knife will have a blade either in obsidian (from America) or in flint. The handle will be in Juniper. I chose this wood species because it is certified for the region and period that interests me : the Archaic-Early Basketmaker Era. It is a pleasant wood to work with and perfumed. The blade will be glued with prehistoric glue and tied with deer tendon. On some pieces we will add to the handle a deerskin strap, some pearls, ...

They are inspired by the culture of the same name (7000-1500 BC), which comes from two English words: basketball and maker. Because these people made very beautiful basketry. This culture is well documented thanks to the conservation of materials that are usually perishable such as skin or wood. Archaeologists have found clothing made of skin or fibre, wood, paddles, knives, propellers, basketry, traps, in addition to the usual flint tools.

Basketmaker style knives Basketmaker style knives Basketmaker style knives
Basketmaker style knives

Skinner style knives

The blade imitates the shape of some Amerindian flint blades such as the Texas Knives. It will be in flint or obsidian. The handle is made of deer antler. Prehistoric glue and deer tendon ligature coated with tendon glue.

Skinner style knives
Skinner style knives

The cases

The cases for all these series have been created by Anita.

They are made with tanned deer hide, a small strap allows you to hang it on your belt. As an option, another deerskin strap can be added to hang it around the neck. The patina and bone decorations are still present to remain in the style of the Atelier Paleo.

Some of our cases Some of our cases Some of our cases
Some of our cases


Being able to offer these parts was important to us. These knives are intended for lovers of prehistory, collectors, to offer to a loved one or to yourself.

December 15, 2016
Yannick Kepinski