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23rd Nontron knife festival

Report of our week at the 23rd Nontron Knife Festival: knife, jewelry and fire workshops as well as presentation of our new pieces.

The week began with three days of animation at City Hall. Children left in the footsteps of the Cro-Magnon man. Each made a knife and an ornament by hammering a stone plate on an anvil and then polishing it on sandstone.

On the last day, equipped with a pad, a drill and an archer, children made a friction ember. Some have even found a new technique!

All children were very motivated and delighted to see!

Making a stone knife at the 23rd Nontron Knife Festival Making a stone jewel at the 23rd Nontron Knife Festival
Manufacture of a knife and a set of stone ornaments

We then presented our new pieces on August 4 and 5 at the show. Anita answered each visitor's questions about the making of our knives and jewellery.

Many people also came to watch the flintknapping demonstrations next to our stand. Yannick took the public back in time by telling them about the way of life of our ancestors.

Both days were very sunny and the mood was good!

annick's flintknapping demonstration at the 23rd Nontron Knife Festivalresentation of our new knives at the 23rd Nontron Knife Festival
Flintknapping demonstrations and presentation of our new pieces.

This 23rd edition of Nontron's knife festival was a success. We would like to thank the entire team of the organization for their work and without whom all this would not be possible.

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August 25, 2018