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The tribe

Yannick Képinski

In order to satisfy my passion for prehistory and prehistoric man, and to transmit it as well as possible, I practice several disciplines: prehistoric craftsman, cutlery maker, prehistoric intervener and training supervisor.

This love for prehistory and prehistoric techniques has always animated me.
In 1999 I started to train.
In 2000 I met Laurent Bernat at the Archaeological Park of Beynac. This meeting will remain the most important and exciting.
In 2004 I created my workshop which would later be called Atelier Paleo.
I spent a lot of time on flintknapping and art cutlery. Too much maybe!
But it is vast, complex and a challenge that will keep me going for a long time to come....

Today, I devote a lot of energy to the popularization of prehistory by working with children in an out-of-school setting.
And of course I also work on all the techniques of primitive and prehistoric life learned over the years to make my initial project "living prehistory" a reality.

Anita Kepinski

Wife of Yannick, I am the spiritual link connecting him to our distant ancestors.
I am interested in cavern art and reproduce the works found in caverns such as Lascaux, Chauvet...
I participate in prehistoric experimentation with the work of fibre for example for making nets, scraping the skin, practicing fire...
Passionate about cooking and self-taught in music, I project a culinary atmosphere using the gathering of plants, mushrooms, berries... around the fire accompanied by a musical tune that reflects the atmosphere of everyday life of prehistoric men.

Paul Kepinski

Born in 2001, I am the son of Yannick and Anita Kepinski.
Webmaster of, photographer of the workshop and apprentice of my father, I follow him to photograph him or simply to learn more about prehistoric techniques.

I started learning web languages at the age of 10. At that time my father suggested that I create his site.
I accepted because I really like computers.
After several years and several versions of Paleo IV, I acquired an ease and experience that served me for the latest version of the site, currently online.

As soon as my father explained to me how the camera worked, I immediately hung up.
At the age of 11 I was given a camera and started taking lots of pictures. But after several years of shots, I started to be restrained on my small aging compact. So my parents bought me a reflex. That's how he invited me to take his picture when he was working.
You can see some of my pictures in the slideshows that dot the site.

Even at a very young age, I often went to see my father in his workshop to play prehistoric man. Today, even if I go less frequently, I remain fascinated by the techniques of our ancestors. I plan to make myself a set like when I was as high as three apples and a paddle. I also want to learn about flintknapping.

Augustine Kepinski

Born in 2004, I am the first daughter of Yannick and Anita Kepinski.
I like to make pottery and ornaments, which is why I love following my father in his workshop.
I crush blocks of clay and make pots like prehistoric men.
My father teaches me how to flintknapping, so I cut my drill to create my ornaments.
I also made a scraper and a vegetable fibre net.
I know how to fire a thruster.
I intend to invest myself in the manufacture of a thruster and its saga.

Hannah Kepinski

Born in 2010, I am the second daughter of Yannick and Anita.
I'm going to the workshop with my dad. I make prehistoric ornaments with flint tools.
I have cut my drill in flint, I make string in vegetable fibre.
I am also interested in pottery and I love shooting with a propeller.