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Yannick Képinski

In order to satisfy my passion for prehistory and prehistoric men, and to transmit it as well as possible, I practice several disciplines: prehistoric craftsman, art cutler, prehistoric speaker and training master.

This love for prehistory and prehistoric techniques has always animated me.
It was in 1999 that everything began. To train.
In 2000 I met Laurent Bernat at the Archaeological Park of Beynac. This meeting will remain the most striking and the most exciting.
In 2004 I created my workshop which will later take the name of Paleo.

I devoted a lot of time to flintknapping and cutlery. Too much perhaps!
But it is vast, complex and represents a challenge that will animate me for a long time...

Today, I devote a lot of time to the popularization of prehistory by working with children in the extracurricular framework.

2023. Having some worries, my activity of creation of prehistoric pieces and flintknapper are put on hold for several months because, I must first find a place to install my workshop.

Beautiful prehistory to you,